Arnaldo Caprai Collepiano Sagrantino Di Montefalco 2009

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Montefalco’s most famous estate was founded in by Arnaldo Caprai in 1971, when he bought 45 hectares in the Montefalco production zone. (Previously, in 1955, Caprai started what was to become one of Italy’s most important textile companies.) However, the estate has become world-famous thanks to Arnaldo’s son Marco, who took over in 1988. Marco has many merits, not the least of which was launching his Sagrantino Project in partnership with the University of Milan to study the grape’s many different biotypes and establish new and better clones. He bought more vineyard parcels (today there are 136 hectares), built a state-of-the-art winery and planted various experimental vineyards. Most of all, he helped create a new wine out of Montefalco, neither rustic nor sweet (historically, the air-dried, sweet version of Montefalco wine was perhaps most popular). Last but not least, Caprai has also been at the forefront of “Montefalco 2015: The New Green Revolution,” a project whose goal is to have member wineries follow a sustainable, eco-friendly viticulture protocol.

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