Averna Amaro Siciliano

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Where it’s from: Caltanissetta, Sicily, Italy
What’s in it: Bitter orange, lemon, pomegranate
ABV: 29 percent
“Averna embodies Sicily to me,” says Damon Dhanens, bar lead at Barnacle in Seattle. “A little dark, a little bitter, but with an herbal citrusy brightness.” Its production dates back to 1868 in Caltanissetta, Sicily, and until 2014, when Averna was acquired by Gruppo Campari, it remained a family-owned business. This was one of the first amari I started asking for by name on a regular basis (I love it neat in a chilled glass or over a large hunk of ice). It’s not too bitter, not too sweet—with a flat cola-like quality. Max Sherman, a Philadelphia amari enthusiast and former bar manager at the Palizzi Social Club, uses the musical note of a middle C to describe it. “This is always where I start when gauging what someone is looking for.”
Try it in: Averna Stout Flip, Averna Smash, Winter Waltz, Rhythm and Soul

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