Thanksgiving Six Pack

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Pairing wine with the cornucopia of flavors that occur on the Thanksgiving table is a bit of a fool’s errand. This is the time of year where the spice rack gets ransacked; allspice, ginger, clove and many others all come out to play. Looking for one wine to work with all that is just not possible. So what we do is fins gracious, aromatically lifted, easy drinking and elegant reds and whites that won’t overpower or offend, but will cleanse the palate and amplify the herbs, spices and flavors that emerge from the holiday kitchen. Below we have pulled together a 6 pack of our favorite wines for Thanksgiving.  Three reds, two whites and our favorite grower champagne are included in the set.

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Bernard Fouquet Domaine Des Aubuisieres Vouvray Le Petit Clos 2015
If you haven’t heard, Chenin Blanc, the grape in Vouvray, is the new star of the Loire Valley. Actually it’s not that new but everyone that tastes these wines tends to fall in love with the lush body and crisp acidity that make this a food favorite. 13.5% abv         

Cantina Pra Soave Otto 2016
There is a sea of Soave made but few will ever make it to the shelves of our store. For the classic white from the Veneto, we demand examples that are 100% Gargenega from volcanic soils. Pra is easily one of the top producers and we love the crisp citrus flavors, the minerality, and the long, zesty finish. This might not be the top wine from Pra but we think it’s the best. 12.5% abv

Chapelle Des Bois Fleurie Grand Pre Cru De Beaujolais 2015
Will the real Beaujolais please stand up? Nothing wrong, per se, about Beaujolais  Noveau but we prefer the Cru examples as they provide some of the greatest values in French wines. Made from 100% Gamay from a nice, ripe vintage, this is a wine that simply over delivers on all levels. Lip-smacking fruit, earthy charm and a really long finish make this about as perfect a wine that there is for fall feasting. 13.5% abv 

La Gerla Rosso di Montalcino 2015
Tiny producer La Gerla makes some great Brunello but sometimes we actually just want to drink their Rosso. Pure Sangiovese that is supple and vibrant, this is a bottle that seems to drink itself. How else can you explain why it disappears so quickly? 13.5% abv       

Lemelson Six Vineyards Willamette Valley Pinot Noir 2014
Lemelson got some nice attention recently from the New York Times with good reason. Oregon is remarkable in its ability to produce wines that are satisfying, inexpensive and show the proper grape and place characteristics. Floral classic Pinot Noir from Oregon, perfect for Turkey and stuffing! 13.5% abv     

Ponson Champagne La Petit Montagne Extra Brut Premier Cru NV
This is a tiny, tiny grower, working a handful of vines scattered across the Champagne region. He comes from a family of growers (Pascal Ponson) located near Reims. This Champ is just about the best Champagne in its price point that we have ever tasted. 12% abv

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